Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs)

Our MELs are developed specifically for your aircraft, your fleet and your company. As is the case with all of our manuals, we deliver you the highest quality manuals available in a timely and convenient manner with as little effort required as possible.

We have developed hundreds of MELs for flight departments, management companies, and owner operators, which have been submitted and approved by numerous authorities. We stay informed about regulatory and manufacturer changes and notify our customers when we deem MEL updates should be made.

Process Overview

We offer a convenient and simple process: You only need to fill out our questionnaire. Our full-time staff will then complete your manual in-house. A PDF copy will be provided to you and also uploaded to our secure document hosting site (ARC Portal) for future download.  Any other supporting documents will be sent via email.

Typical resources that are helpful in completing our questionnaire:

  • The aircraft maintenance status tracking sheet that lists the components installed.
  • The aircraft equipment list.
  • A list of the Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) installed on the aircraft.
  • An up to date list of Service Bulletins (SBs) complied with.


AviationManuals’ full time personnel have unparalleled experience in the development of manuals. We are available to address any technical concerns and assist in any way we can.


We know that the various terms can be overwhelming so here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

What is a Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL)?
The MMEL contains a list of equipment and instruments that may be inoperative on a specific type of aircraft. It is also the basis for the development of an individual operator’s MEL. The MMEL is the regulatory authority’s (i.e., FAA’s or EASA’s) document from which the operator’s MEL manuals must be created. Each certified aircraft typically has its own MMEL.

What is an MEL?
The MEL is the specific inoperative equipment document for a particular make and model aircraft by serial and registration numbers. An MEL generally consists of the MMEL for a particular type aircraft custom tailored to specific aircraft, the MMEL’s preamble, the procedures document, and an LOA. The FAA considers the MEL as an STC. As such, the MEL permits operation of the aircraft under specified conditions with certain equipment inoperative.

What are Maintenance (M) and Operations (O) procedures?
The (M) and (O) procedures are the specific actions required to defer certain items located in the MEL. These items can sometimes be supplied by the manufacturer or developed based on maintenance or operational data.

What is a Fleet MEL?
The operator may elect to have a single MEL for multiple aircraft of the same make and model listed in their Operation Specification/Management Specification (OpSpec/MSpec). This is known as a Fleet MEL.

Do the MELs address RVSM-capable aircarft?
Yes, when ordering your MEL we will inquire whether your aircraft is RVSM compliant.

How much are revisions?
Within the first 90 days of your MEL purchase, there will be no charge for revisions resulting from the release of a required revision to the MMEL. All other revisions are done at a flat rate or hourly cost depending on the nature of the revisions.