Flight Attendant Manual

Flight Attendant Manual for Safe Flight Planning and Execution

The Flight Attendant Manual (FAM) outlines policies and procedures to be used by Flight Attendants in planning and executing safe and efficient flights and is meant to supplement existing operations manuals.

The manual provides guidance customized to your operation and passengers and contains procedures that support a successful Stage One, Two, and Three IS-BAO audit.

Process Overview

After a brief phone interview, we perform initial customization of the manual. If applicable, existing operations manuals may be referenced. Once a complete draft is prepared, we will provide you with a Review Draft for aircraft- or operation-specific procedures to be added.

During your review you can make any additional revisions to ensure it fully describes the Flight Attendant’s role and supports their day-to-day responsibilities.

Manual Outline

Section 1 Introduction

Section 2 Preflight Procedures

Section 3 Inflight / Postflight Procedures

Section 4 Emergency Procedures

Section 5 Flight Attendant Training

Section 6 Security Procedures

Section 7 Checklists

Section 8 Forms


Operator-developed appendices may be included.

Next Step

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Flight Attendant Manual

How does this manual coincide with our existing Flight Operations Manual?

Some operators consider the FAM a supplement to their main operations manual, in which case there would be many references to the main manual and little duplication of content. Others want a standalone manual suitable for both contract and full-time Flight Attendants that covers everything a Flight Attendant needs to know (e.g., normal and emergency procedures, catering, security, training, SMS, etc.).

How is developing this manual different than developing the Flight Operations Manual?

Since airplane configurations and company procedures vary greatly, we provide general guidance for Flight Attendant duties (e.g., catering requirements). Typically online sessions are not required as operator specific information is gathered from your existing manuals or a short interview. For an additional fee, we can schedule an online session(s) to review revisions or other items that require discussion.

We operate multiple types of aircraft. How can the manual accommodate our fleet?

Some operators write the manual to describe general procedures that would apply to all aircraft and use appendices to describe type-specific items. Other operators will write the manual to a particular type, and then include any type differences in the body of the manual or as an appendix. We will ensure the manual is organized in the clearest way possible for your operations.

Flight Attendant Manuals for Safe Flight Planning and Execution

Our Flight Attendant Manual guides you through all the necessary topic areas to achieve an effective flight attendant training program. Learn more about it.