Aviation Emergency Response Plan

Don’t wait until it’s too late to have a Aviation Emergency Response Plan.

The first few minutes after an emergency are critical. Failure to act quickly or manage a company response can lead to confusion, panic, and long-term consequences.

Our Aviation Emergency Response Plan (ERP) was developed with the following goals in mind:

  1. To meet industry best practices and standards;
  2. To create an easy-to-use document with clear, easy to understand steps; and
  3. To help you respond to an emergency in an organized and responsive manner.

The result is a Plan that can be used by anyone of any level of experience, whether intimately familiar with your company’s internal resources or a new employee on their first day.

Manual Outline

Part A: Initial Notification Form

A basic, step-by-step form and checklist that explicitly tells the reader what information needs to be gathered and who needs to be contacted.

Part B: Quick Reference Checklists

Depending on the event itself, a proper response may involve different steps or considerations. Rather than have these steps contained deeper within the body of a manual, we have put simple instructions at the front.

Part C: Detailed Policy and Instructions

The core of the ERP, Part C is a detailed manual incorporating your company’s policies and guidance. This content is further divided into sub-sections to allow for easy cross-referencing of the information:

  • Preface

    Standard control pages, including a Record of Reissue and List of Effective Pages. This is located in Part C rather than the front of the manual to keep the Initial Notification Form and Quick Reference Checklists quickly accessible.

  • Section 1: Introduction

    Responsible parties, document control information, and training requirements.

  • Section 2: Establishing an Emergency Response Team (ERT)

    Responsibilities of individuals who are involved in responding to an emergency.

  • Section 3: The Emergency Response Center

    Includes procedures for setting up a central location to gather, distribute, and control information; notification of Next-of-Kin; forming a Go-Team; and other general response procedures.

  • Section 4: External Agencies

    Describes the various external entities that the flight department may interface with during the emergency response, including the NTSB, FAA, local first responders (such as Police and Fire Departments), and more.

  • Section 5: Event-Specific Procedures

    More specific information on 15 different scenarios, including overdue aircraft, missing aircraft, aircraft accidents, medical emergencies, natural disasters, bomb threats, and issues involving passengers overseas.

  • Section 6: Emergency Response Team Checklists

    Each person who may be involved in the Response Team has their own checklist for tasks that would normally need to be accomplished.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide assistance with a tabletop drill or other ERP training services?

While we do not offer tabletop drills to practice your ERP, we can put you in touch with our partner Fireside Partners, a well known provider of Emergency Response Services and training.

How quickly can the ERP be developed?

The development process will vary depending on the resources you currently have available and the number of people in your company who may need to review or approve the Plan. We can usually provide a first draft within 2 weeks of your order.

I already have your Flight Operations Manual. Do I need the standalone ERP Manual?

Our Flight Operations Manual includes procedures for a very basic Emergency Response Plan, which is suitable for pursuing initial IS-BAO certification. The standalone ERP is recommended for operators who would like more robust procedures or who may be pursuing Stage 2 or 3 IS-BAO certification.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to have a Aviation Emergency Response Plan.

Our Aviation Emergency Response Plan (ERP) provides you the best of industry practices & standards. Read more about our offering here.